Ioannis Chapsos visits the Indonesian Institute for Maritime Studies





Ioannis Chapsos with Admiral (ret) Bernard Kent Sondakh founder of IIM

In Maritime News, Fri, Sep 16th, 2016 

The Indonesian Institute for Maritime Studies (IIMS) is of the opinion that Indonesia needs one comprehensive and integrated policy for its maritime sector. The development of such a maritime policy is a response to the dissatisfaction of President Joko Widodo (expressed during a meeting at Lake Toba, North Sumatra (08/20/2016)) on the implementation of the governments maritime-axis vision submitted by the President.
The urgency of a maritime policy is based on the broader issue of how to maintain the ocean (sea) and utilize it to the national interests of Indonesia. This addresses the combined issues of Indonesia’s defense, the Indonesian sea economy (JK: ‘blue economy’?) and sustainable development. In addition, the maritime policy developed by the IIMs will also address/solve the problem of overlapping authorities in the management of the maritime sector, which many stakeholders complained about, including the government.
“We hope that the maritime policy we are drawing up can be an input for the government to resolve maritime problems so that the maritime sector of Indonesia can become a national force” says Admiral (ret) Bernard Kent Sondakh founder of IIM who was also Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) between 2002-2005.
The strengthen the preparation and formulation of such a maritime policy there will be input from the Association of Retired Navy (PPAL). The results will be discussed during seminars and workshops in collaboration with Coventry University London in order to invite input from various other experts to make sure the policy is of a comprehensive nature and can serve as guidelines for the government in managing the maritime sector.