About us

This website provides info on our activities in the field of Maritime Security: research projects,  capacity building initiatives, collaborations and networks, publications, events, and teaching and training.

In our activities, we aim to increase the impact of maritime security studies by bringing maritime security stakeholders, end-users and academics together who are interested in discussing and tackling maritime security threats.

The website is made possible by funding received from Coventry University and the ESRC/AHRC PACCs scheme.

The Website is administered by researchers and lecturers of the Centre of Trust, Peace and Social Relations of Coventry University who are working in the Maritime Security Program: Dr. Ioannis Chapsos, Dr. James Malcolm, Prof. Dr. Math Noortmann and Dr. Lisa Otto and Mr. Maurice Beseng.

The CTPSR Maritime Security Program seeks to contribute to and enhanced understanding of maritime security through, research, publications and education. The Program works towards having a general impact in the field of maritime security and more specifically towards capacity building for a broad range of private and public stakeholders.

It seeks to:

(1) developing the capacity of and cooperation between maritime security institutions to mitigate future global and local maritime security threats; and

(2) building the resilience of local coastal communities against maritime security threats.


Information on the website comes from practioners, policymakers, professionals, (inter)governmental officials and scholars who we cooperate with and who are part of our expanding global network.