Current Students



Maurice Beseng.

Maurice’s PhD project is provisionally titled:

Securing the Maritime: Civil Society Organisations and the Governance of ‘is Fisheries Crime’ in Cameroon

His Director of Studies is Dr.  Ioannis Chapsis, who leads a supervisory team that includes Dr. James Malcolm and prof. Dr. Math Noortmann.



PhD research abstract: Fisheries related crimes in the Gulf of Guinea region are increasingly shaping the link between maritime security, network of criminal actors and differences in the regional blue economy. Prevailing incidents of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing for instance is accelerating the depletion of fisheries resources and jeopardising the livelihoods of artisanal fishing communities in many coastal states such as Cameroon. While IUU fishing has increasingly attracted the attention of the media, academia, policy circles and international organisations, these discourses have often focus on the governance failures of State actors to manage IUU fishing and on strategies of international problem solving. What is often missing are the perspectives and practices of indigenous civil society organisations. Drawing from various interrelated theoretical frameworks, this study broadly seeks to examine the role of indigenous civil society organisations in managing IUU fishing in Cameroon. With emphasis on concrete everyday practices, its objective is to analyse how different civil society actors combat IUU fishing at the micro level. The study will also examine their challenges and opportunities for collaboration with state actors  as well as contribute to scholarship on the role civil society actors in the governance of Africa’s blue economy.