worldmapWe have built partnerships and cooperate with both academic and non-academic institutions around the world, including governmental and inter-governmental institutions, civil society organisations and private companies. Partnerships and collaborative agreements aim at developing a common understanding of maritime security issues, disseminating knowledge through teaching and training, and supporting policy developments.

With the following institutions and organisations we have ongoing projects and activities:

International Organisation for Migration – Indonesia

We have cooperated with IOM Indonesia on inter alia the following topics: Trafficking,   seminars on Maritime Security and the establishment of a Consortium on Indonesian Maritime Security.


Indonesian Maritime Centre, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

For the Joint Coventry University Universitas Indonesia Seminar on Ocean Governance and Blue Growth see HERE

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Maritime Security Program


The Security Institute for Governance and leadership in Africa (SIGLA)


SIGLA’s  rationale for the deliberate maritime focus stems from the rising maritime agenda of the African Union related to the benefits, threats and vulnerabilities in African waters. This African agenda ties in with Operation Phakisa of the South African government that cites the importance for South Africa to unlock the potential of its surrounding blue economy in pursuit of deeper and wider development. This focus relies upon maritime governance and security at sea off Africa in order to unlock the maritime public goods of political, economic and social interests for South Africa, but to the wider international community as well.